Frequently asked questions

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BMW & MINI Flex by CARIFY is a new, flexible mobility concept that gives you the opportunity to choose from a large selection of new BMW and MINI models at a flat monthly price. You can choose the duration of your subscription, with no long-term commitment.

So you have the option of driving a convertible in the summer and an SUV in the winter.

You can simply book your car online for a fixed monthly package price, which already includes all costs except refueling. If you feel like buying another car, you can easily change your car after the selected minimum term has expired or return it altogether.

Except for refueling, everything is included in your subscription price. All repairs required during the term, tires, motor vehicle tax, and registration are included. Of course, insurance (comprehensive and parking damage insurance) is also included in the subscription price. However, the deductible costs for any damage incurred during the subscription are not included.

Our standard package currently includes 1000 km/month. If you need more or even less kilometers, you can specify this during the booking process and choose between 750, 1750 or 2500 km/month.

Booking requirements

You need a residence in Switzerland, a recognized category B driver’s license and a green credit check. For more powerful cars that have more than 350 horsepower, you must also be over 30 years old.

It is also possible to book with a foreign driver’s license. As long as the driver’s license is recognized by Switzerland. In Switzerland, the following regulation applies: You are allowed to drive in Switzerland with your foreign driver’s license up to 1 year after your official registration in Switzerland. After that, you must have the driver’s license changed to a Swiss driver’s license at the cantonal road traffic office.

First of all, welcome to Switzerland!

Of course you can book a car subscription! To register the car in your name, you need a residence permit in Switzerland. You can find all the information about the different residence permits in here on the government’s website. In general there are a lot of information for people who have just moved to Switzerland. You will see, it is great to explore Switzerland by car!

Our standard package currently includes 1000 km/month. If you need more or even less kilometers, you can specify this during the booking process and choose between 750, 1750 or 2500 km/month.

Of course you can! In the booking process you can click on “This is a company booking” and enter your company information. If you need more than one car for your business, contact us directly at [email protected] and then we can happily find out more about your vehicle needs.

Unfortunately not. The person who books must be the person to whom we hand over the car and who fulfills all booking requirements (usually Swiss residency and valid driver’s license).

However, this does not mean that you are the only driver of the car! You can of course make your car available to other people who are allowed to drive in Switzerland. You remain only the owner and the person responsible for the car.

How do I book a car?

The booking process is super simple:

  1. Choose your car on our platform.
  2. Book the car on our platform and specify when you need it.
  3. Pick up the car at the partner garage or have it conveniently delivered to your home or workplace (delivery fee CHF 180).

When booking a car, you can choose a minimum contract period of 6, 12, or 18 months. The longer the minimum term, the cheaper the monthly price!

Furthermore, you can also choose between a Flex and a Fix package. The difference is that with the Fix package, the garage can require the vehicle to be returned after the minimum term – and the price is cheaper for that!

So our two packages work as follows:

  • With Flex subscriptions, you can continue after your chosen minimum term. The subscription will simply renew until you cancel it with 14 days notice.
  • In the case of fixed subscriptions, the garage may require to get the car back after the minimum period. Don’t worry, if that’s the case, you’ll get a 30-day cancellation notice, which gives you time to find another solution. If the garage doesn’t cancel the subscription and you don’t either, it will just keep renewing every month.

Not sure how long you want the car? Contact our customer service ([email protected]) or call us (+41 43 588 22 01) and we will support you in making the right decision.

To make even better offers, there are “Fixed” and “Flex” subscriptions! Here’s what you need to know to choose the right package to suit your needs:

Flex packages:

You decide when to return the car! You can cancel your subscription every month after the minimum term with a notice period of 14 days.

Fix packages:

Here you get the best deal, the only difference is that the car is guaranteed only during your minimum term. At the end of the minimum term, the garage can ask for the car back. Don’t worry, you will be notified about the cancellation of your subscription with 30 days notice, so there is enough time to find an alternative. If neither the garage nor you cancel the subscription, the subscription will automatically renew each month after the minimum term.

Example: You rent a vehicle with a minimum term of 6 months. After 5 months of term, the garage can give a notice of termination so that the vehicle returns to the garage after 6 months.

The standard package includes 1000 kilometers per month. If you need more or less kilometers, you can specify this during the booking process and choose between 750,1000,1750 or 2500 km per month.

Of course, if you drive less one month, you can make up for it the next. Any additional mileage beyond your package will be charged according to your contract.

We understand that sometimes circumstances change, so we offer the option to change the KM package once during the term of your subscription for a small fee. The conditions are simple and are as follows:

  • During the minimum term, you can only increase your KM package.
  • After the minimum term, you can increase or reduce your KM package.
  • Once you have given your notice, no changes are possible.
  • Changes apply only to the upcoming month and cannot be applied to past or current months.

If you want to change your KM package, just contact our team so we can look at it together.


You can pay your car subscription with credit card or prepaid credit card.

No. With BMW & MINI Flex by CARIFY you pay no membership fee.

At the time of booking (booking date), CARIFY will debit your credit card for the amount corresponding to the first month of the subscription, including any delivery costs. delivery costs, if any, from your credit card.

Then, every 30 days after the transfer date (i.e. every month), CARIFY will charge your card for the amount of your subscription.

Handover of the car

Your car is usually available within 7-8 business days. In this time we have to register the car at the cantonal registration office of your canton and have it ready for you!

When booking, you can choose on what date you want to receive the car. We will definitely contact you after booking to arrange everything!

You can choose between two different options:

  1. We deliver the car wherever you want (in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein), for CHF 180.

  2. You pick up the car directly from the garage.

When we hand over the car to you, we will look at it together as well as take notes and photos of any damage that may already be present. Additionally, we will take a photo of your driver’s license. The entire transfer should take about 30 minutes.

When we return the car, we will go through the same process to ensure that the car is in the same condition as when it was delivered to you. If there is any damage, we will assess whether it is part of the normal use of the car or if it needs to be repaired. If the car needs to be repaired, we will have to charge you for the repair according to the insurance policy.

Car use

The vehicle is registered in your name in your canton of residence. All taxes are of course included!

If you already have your own license plate, unfortunately we can no longer accept it as of now. But don’t worry, we’ll get a new one just for you and your new CARIFY car! We also take care of the return of the license plate when you return the car.

The person who books the vehicle and fulfills the booking requirements must be the owner of the car. The main driver may also lend the car to other drivers who also meet all the requirements – so it’s no problem for you to lend the car to your friends & family!

In addition, someone who holds a learner’s permit in Switzerland may drive under the general Swiss road traffic regulations (e.g. under the supervision of a person who is older than 23 years and has held a valid driver’s license for more than 3 years).

Yes, the vehicle may be driven in Europe and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea without Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Russian Federation, Syria, Ukraine, Belarus.

To keep the car in good condition, it is not allowed to smoke or have an animal in the car.

At the handover you will receive a car key with your car. If you need 2 keys, please inform us early so we can arrange it with the garage.

If you move, within your canton or to a new canton, please contact us so we can make the address change.

  1. Use of a public charging network

As a BMW & MINI Flex by CARIFY customer with an electric car subscription, you will automatically receive an evpass charging card a few days after your booking is confirmed. You will get a Explorer subscription which allows you to charge in the largest public charging network in Switzerland at discounted rates. There are no fixed costs per charge and a 10% discount on every kWh charged. Via roaming, you can also charge your vehicle with your evpass card at a charging station that is not part of the evpass charging network. This gives you access to thousands more charging stations at home and abroad, but under different pricing conditions.

  1. Charging station at home

When you install your own charging station at home, you benefit as a CARIFY customer with Greenmotion 10% discount on selected models. In this regard, you are welcome to contact us with any questions.

You can find more information about your electric car subscription here .

Insurance and maintenance

With the car you get a fully comprehensive insurance that covers you for any damage that you or a third party might cause while using the car (e.g. collision). The deductible for this insurance is CHF 1000 per event.

In addition, you get parking damage insurance, which covers the car when it is parked (i.e. not moving) and an unknown person damages it (e.g. damage to the car door, key scratches, etc.). Not included, for example, is hitting a wall while parking; this would be covered by comprehensive insurance. The deductible for this insurance is CHF 0 per event.

It is important to know that the insurance company opens a single case for each claim. Thus, several deductibles must also be paid for several different claims.

If, for example, a car has two separate collision damages and an additional parking damage, the deductible amounts to a total of CHF 2,300.

If you have an accident and need immediate assistance, our insurance company’s 24/7 roadside assistance and our team are there for you!

Zurich Insurance’s 24/7 assistance number is:

  • In Switzerland: 0800 80 80
  • From outside Switzerland: +41 44 628 98 98

If it is only minor damage to the car and it is still functional, please contact us immediately by emailing [email protected] with photos/videos of the damage and the circumstances in which it occurred.

If you have a service or maintenance need, just contact our customer service ([email protected]) or call us (+41 43 588 22 01) and we will organize everything for you!


You can cancel your subscription with a notice period of 14 days as soon as you have reached the minimum subscription period you have booked. If you do not cancel your subscription, it will automatically continue each month (unless your subscription is a fixed package and the garage asks to get the car back – in which case you would be notified 30 days in advance).

To cancel, simply log into your CARIFY account and cancel your subscription directly from the platform.
Unfortunately, we cannot cancel a subscription before the minimum subscription period expires because we and the dealership have negotiated the best deal for you.

The cancellation policy depends on what stage you are in your subscription.

If you cancel your subscription before the delivery of the car, we can cancel the payment of the whole subscription and charge you only a penalty fee of 500 francs to cover the costs that we and our partners had for the preparation of your car (registration papers, preparation of the car, etc.).

Unfortunately, if you wish to cancel your subscription after the car has been delivered, we will have to charge you for the monthly subscription until the end of your minimum subscription period.

Our partner garage, our insurance company and our CARIFY team have been working hard to prepare your dream car from the moment you clicked the “Book Now” button. Unfortunately, we have to charge you a penalty fee of CHF 500.

Return of the car

When you cancel your subscription directly on our platform, you can also choose whether you want to return the car yourself or if you prefer to have it picked up by CARIFY. The collection of the car is charged with CHF 180.

To cancel, simply log into your CARIFY account and cancel your subscription directly from the platform.
Unfortunately, we cannot cancel a subscription before the minimum subscription period expires because we and the dealership have negotiated the best deal for you.

Both in case you deliver the car to the garage or we pick it up for return, you should do the following:

  • Take the car through the car wash once and vacuum the interior before returning it.
  • Fill up the car with gas before returning it. Upon return, our driver will refill the tank at the garage, which will be charged to you.
  • Remove all personal items from the car.

As a rule of thumb, you should return the car as you received it.

But safe! Contact our customer service ([email protected]) or call us ( +41 43 588 22 01) and we will send you an offer.

You can conveniently change your car as soon as you reach the minimum subscription period of your subscription. Just contact us at [email protected] and our team will be happy to help you find your next car!